The Holidays!!!!

Ahhhhh! The holidays are almost upon us. I love the holidays especially this time of the year. It’s like one after the other. First Halloween, then my Birthday (which was Tuesday), next thanksgiving, and finally Christmas!!!!!!! Now I love this time of year not because of the gifts, costumes, and food, but merely the thought of a lasting tradition. I will explain this more in detail as I explain each holiday during this time. 

Halloween-my favorite. I’ve always had the urge to dress up no matter the conditions. People say there’s a time and a place for everything, well, for me it was all the time if it pretained to dress up. Athough, as I got older I was a little more conscious of what I wore. This year the most, but my friend helped opened my eyes. She said, “Why do you care what other people think?” Thanks Keelin. You are absolutely right. My tradition is the dressing up. So my quote for Halloween is, “you see two types of people during Halloween, cawards and confidants; will you be afraid of what people think or will you be proud of what you think?” 

My Birthday- now, I’m sure you guys are all bewildered by this being a holiday, but it most definitely is!!! I do have to be completely honest with you all. Due to my family’s financial struggles, I only opened on present this year. Yes, I was a  little disappointed, and yes I am quite ashamed by it. But it is good that I was disappointed, believe it or not, because it lead to a fabulous thought. There is no greater gift then spending ur birthday with your family that is my tradition.  Some people out there don’t even get that, so now when ever I have a birthday I will focus only on the thought that my family is with me. 

Thanksgiving-I love food! In fact my favorite thing to do is ea, but this holiday’s tradition isn’t the array of food placed on a banquet table, it is the thanks we give for it. That thanks we give with our family and friends all sitting around the table as one United group  

Christmas- there is so many things I could say but I wand to keep it short and sweet. The tradition isn’t the gifts, or tree, or decorating or even the elaborate feast. It is the feeling you get when you give something to someone you love. 



We all have hardships in our lives, some of which are occurring right now in my own life. The first thing you may think is: “that’s it we’re done, it’s over.” Now, that is the first thing I thought and felt when I herd the news. But Afterwards, my mom was helping me with an essay for school. It’s topic was- what does freedom mean to you? After talking about a bunch of things to write about, my mom came up with an idea that made this whole process so much easier. She said, ” the freedom to write your own story.” This made complete and udder sense. Yes, your right about one thing, it is over, but wrong about WHAT is over, life isn’t finish yet. This is merely a chapter coming to an end.  These hardships might be the conclusion to a division of your book but,  you can’t write a story with just one chapter, you have to start another. These begin the next part of your life. You have the freedom to choose what you want your life to be. So when you are faced with what seems the end, think of it as the beginning, because God gave us the ability and freedom to right our own stories. Don’t waste it. 

A friendship is worth a life

I just lost a friend today, infact a best friend. After thirty minutes of crying and asking my self if this is real, I feel like I lost a part of myself. It makes you realize what you could have done better. One thing I most definatly  learned is that a friendship is worth a life…and  that when one friendship is broken, apart of your life is too. And it hurts to know that all those fun things we did together, movies, the pool, bonfires, and riverwalks she will be doing with her new best friend. I always thought that those things we’re are things and nothing could take away from that, but obviously I was proven wrong. Now all u can do is be glad that they found someone that will do better, and remember that a friendship is worth a life. 


Every year, every week, and every day we face challenges. Obstacles on the road of life. With every obstacle you face you must try and try to get past it. There is no short cuts, there is no easy way. You have to make decisions or choices you might not want to make. I’ve faced many obstacles this summer and I just want to provide some words of wisdom from experience. Don’t take short cuts, they only make it worse. Face the problem head on and go with your gut. In the end these obstacles are what shape you for the future. They are what make you the person you want to be.